About us

A holiday apartment should be designed to be a place where every guest would like to live, like at home, but better than at home.

This is the approach we had when Coziest Apartments started in May 2017 and still guides us today.

Coziest Apartments provides accommodation in fully furnished apartments from just one night to several years depending on individual customer needs. Growing demand from business and leisure travelers for alternative accommodation to hotels has inspired us to offer a broad selection of apartments all across Tallinn. We offer a wide selection of self-catering  apartments in convenient locations, allowing you to choose between different neighborhoods to enable you to be located exactly where you need to be, and our variety in apartment sizes and amenities makes it possible to fine tune your selection within a chosen neighborhood.Our ambition is to provide great customer service in everything we do. It is our hope that by doing business with us you will find just the right apartment for your needs: An apartment that feels just like home.