Privacy Policy

1. This privacy policy serves the purpose of protecting the privacy of past, present and future conferences of Tulucom OÜ.

1.1 Based on the purpose, we point out how we collect, store, use, transmit and publish customer data.

1.2 All our principles are in accordance with the law of the Republic of Estonia and the laws of the European Union.

2. Collection and use of personal data

2.1 We consider personal data to be data provided voluntarily by a person and with a written request. Personal information may include name, email address, telephone number, address and other information provided by the customer to Coziest.


2.2 We use personal data only for the purpose intended for that purpose, i.e. for sending newsletters, providing market overviews and, if necessary, sharing other information related to the activities of Tulucom OÜ.


2.3 Tulucom OÜ does not transfer, distribute, use or other personal data entrusted to us in the prescribed manner, which in the case of a corresponding agreement with the customer or if the need to disclose information arises from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


2.4 Tulucom OÜ also collects data for real estate brokerage agreements, but does not publish, distribute, transmit or use them for purposes other than those intended (except see section 2.3).


2.5 Everyone has the right to withdraw their consent to receive newsletters and to leave the mailing list by contacting If you have received a newsletter from us, but have not subscribed to it, please contact and we will remove you from the mailing list.

3. Terms and Changes to the Privacy Policy

3.1 By submitting information to us, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

3.2 Tulucom OÜ reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions of the privacy policy if necessary.